Sunday, January 15

My wife, Kris, and her coworker Aubry both started a Blogger blog the same day I did. We will see who keeps up with their blog. Starting the blog was the result of a challenge. Since I’m always talking about how I enjoy writing and taking pictures, Aubry challenged me to start a blog as part of my writing process. An “I will if you will” challenge. Along the way, I got my wife to start a blog. She was worried about not having anything to write in her blog on a frequent basis, but if you find a topic you’re truly interested in, there is always something to say about it. For her that would be greyhounds. We currently have two and the occasional foster. Our little black SPCA dog doesn’t particularly see what the big deal is about them. Neither do our three cats. Anyhoo, in response to her challenge, I challenged back with a proposal for a longer work of writing. Maybe a short story or a few chapters of a novel. Haven’t quite figured out the details yet. I added in a contest for best photo of a specific theme on a monthly basis or so. They challenged back with getting my pictures printed/published. I am great with taking lots of pictures, but I am not so good at printing and framing them. Getting them on my webpage is as far as I usually get. And I don’t send them in to any kind of publications. For example, when I look at some of the pictures sent into the ‘Celebrating Greyhounds’ magazine or calendar and comment on how my pictures are better, I am told that I should send mine in but I never do. I need to be better about that. All this started because of challenges and counterchallenges. Hopefully that will be enough for me to keep up with each of them and not give in to my procrastinating ways.

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