Thursday, January 19

Fosters Tess & Jo

Our current fosters Tess and Jo are getting along fine. No problems with our kids. They are still a bit wary of stairs and haven’t quite figured out our routine yet. They are both very sweet girls. We are known in our rescue group for somehow ending up with brindle fosters. As you can see in the picture, both girls are brindles. Jo has the purple collar, and Tess the pink collar. In this picture, they are enjoying their new favorite activity of grazing. They were spayed at the beginning of the week, so we are keeping their activity level low to give them a chance to heal. One of girls will be adopted by a family in Richmond this weekend. The other will stay with my family as a foster. Still deciding which would be the best match for this family. Checking their pedigree, turns out that Jo and my Stella have the same daddy. How neat. I played greyhound courier today and picked up Nico, a brindle boy, in northern Virginia and brought him to his new family in Fredericksburg. He now has two new sisters and a big backyard to run in. That’s why we do it. So these guys can have a nice retirement from the track.

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