Sunday, January 22

Fosters adopted

Another greyhound weekend. I managed to miss the biggest Meet ‘n Greet so far. Sounds like there were 20+ greyhounds at the Stafford Petco. Lots of people stopped by and there was lots of interest. Well, both of our fosters left us today. Even though we still have our three dogs and three cats, the house does feel a bit empty :) We still have a small zoo. Just as they were beginning to come out of their shells and getting used to our routine, they are gone. I’m sure my wife is also writing about our ex-fosters in her blog, greyt times, since her blog is all greyhounds all the time. Jo went to a nice family in Richmond. She will do well with their three kids and their dominant 11 year old beagle. Tess went to a family here in Fredericksburg. I remember seeing her at the GPA rescue kennel when I was in Orlando for work. Little did I know that she would end up in my backyard; literally :) Her new mommy was so excited to have her. She never stopped grinning ear-to-ear the entire time we were there. Reminded me of when we got Stella. Really was a life-changing moment. Not sure that Stella nor we knew at the time exactly what a big impact she would have on our lives. The recurring joke around my house is that I just wanted a greyhound, but got a lifestyle. Guess it can be called a lifestyle, but it’s more like a cult :)

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  1. Greyt blog ;-) I'll add you to my list at Dreams to Reality. Read the other entries too. Go for the writing! I'm working on my seventh novel right now and have two completed manuscripts sitting on an agents desk waiting to be read. The blog thing is additive too, I have three :) One is solely devoted to dogs called Pawsitively Insane. Keep writing and I'll be back :) Linda