Wednesday, January 18

From English Cockers to Greyhounds

Just got back from a roadtrip to North Carolina for work. Saw a friend in Winston-Salem while down in the area. She is just finishing up serious renovations on her house. Can’t wait until its all finished. Then the wife, kids and I will make a road trip to check it all out. Before, the house was dark and the styling was decades old. The new style is brighter and more open. She has two English Cocker Spaniels (Lily & Sandy) and two kitties (Elliott & Utsu). Her two girls were my first real experience with dogs. I remember helping train them for obedience and agility as well as attending quite a few AKC dog shows at the time. A decade later, I have 3 dogs of my own and actively involved in greyhound rescue. Not bad for having been introduced to dogs as an adult. Today I came home to find two foster greys, Treadmill Tess and Tapmar FloJo. That essentially doubled our greyhound population in the house, and neither Parker nor the cats are too delighted about it. We had our second basic obedience class tonight. Lucas is a bit nervous and still getting used to the idea of obedience class, while Stella gets just bored of it half way through and stops paying attention.

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