Monday, April 2

What's Up, Jack?

We watched Jack and Savannah last week. Jack is very patient and waited for Stanley to slide off the bed.
But he could only wait so long.
What’s up, Jack?
Oh, having a staring contest with Mr. Greyson?
Don’t look behind you, Jack. Stella is in her ‘look at my hoohoo’ pose.
Jack, what is your sister doing?
Savannah is a weenie dog. She has her ear to the carpet listening for any trouble that might be coming her way.


  1. You always get the best pictures of your house guests! I don't usually have such good luck with dogs that aren't mine. I had a good giggle over several of them!

  2. Cute photos. I love the ones of Jack and Gresyons having a staring contest.

  3. So cute! I wish we lived closer to you. My dogs would love to stay at your house.

  4. Jack is really cute. He has such expressive eyes.

  5. I love Stanley! He always looks like he's had "one over the eight"! Deccy x

  6. LOL - those are all FAB photos! I love it. I love Jack!

  7. Stanley looks like he is enjoying his half-off nap. It must be so much fun having all these houseguests come to visit!