Friday, April 27

Spring Is In The Air

Minus all the crazy pollen, we’ve had a very enjoyable mild Spring. Someone is feasting on the abundance of seeds.
Not very cooperative. Guess he likes to eat in private.
Kris found a nest of baby Cardinals in our euonymus bushes. I went to check them out, and Mama was not happy about it. She gave me an earful.
They were so cute. And hungry.
Daddy stopped to give me the stinkeye before feeding the babies.


  1. Those Cardinals are beautiful - wish we had them over here.
    Great photos!

  2. I love Cardinals. We had a nest of Robin eggs, they hatched and then a crow killed the babies. Circle of life I guess. You got some great shots. What lens did you use?

  3. Cardinals are so beautiful! This week a robin decided to try and build a nest over the light fixture on the back deck and then gave up and left all her pieces of bark and twigs on the deck. I think she must be running late.

  4. Great shots of the birds..I would love to have watched those! I like watching the adults too

  5. I remember my grandpa getting in a lot of trouble with some birds about getting too close to the nest to have a look. They were so mad at him that every time he came out the side door of the house they dive bombed him until he ran back inside. He had to use the other door until the babies flew off on their own! You got some great shots of them.

  6. What gorgeous birds. How awesome that they've set up camp in your bushes and you can get such great photos of them:) The squirrel is very cute. We don't have them over here either.