Sunday, April 15

Easter on Parade

On Easter weekend, we headed down to Richmond for the ‘Easter on Parade’ on Monument Ave. The requisite shot of the kids heading toward the festivities.
Once we reach the James River Greyhounds booth, Stanley runs into Dinah who also has on bunny ears.
Stella wonders what kind of ‘cow dog’ is that?
Stella: I’m pretty sure the kids are gonna wanta pet us. Stanley, you take that side, and I’ll handle it over here.
Even though Stanley’s ears refused to stand up, how you anyone resist wanting to pet his bunny soft head.
Jaime wonders if she is colorful enough to fit in with all the bright Easter colors.
Of course you are!
It didn’t take long for Stanley to call it quits.
So we headed back to Trina’s. The weather was so nice, we sat on the deck drinking some wine, and watching the kids have fun. The greyhounds quickly pooped out, but that wasn’t going to stop Petey from having his fun.
Petey: Call my mommy, I think this lady is touching my wee-wee.
Henry wasn’t much for running around, but he did enjoy basking in the sun from his favorite spot in the yard.
What is the running theme of these following sets of pics? When there was only one bed outside, it was was Stella and Cali.
A poofier bed shows up. It is Stella and Cali.
Cali moves, and it is Stella and Dana for a bit. While poor Jaime lays on the deck.
Was Stella being stinky? Only Jaime and Stanley are willing to share with her.


  1. I think you all have the best dressed hounds around. Petey looks just slightly worried. ;-)

  2. I wish I knew what it was about the lure of the single bed! Two other beds can go ignored here while three dogs rotate through that one.

    The kids all look so festive! I love the flower headband, but how did you get it stay in place?

  3. What a fun day you had! I love how all the dogs are sharing beds. I also love all the headgear they wore. So cute!

  4. The Easter on Parade is always a lot of fun. Stanley looks like his thought bubble to Dinah says "Hey, didn't you get the greyhound wardrobe memo? I am wearing the bunny ears today!" :)Cute photos.

  5. You guys looked great at the parade!

    Nubbin wiggles,