Monday, April 30

Greyhounds in Gettysburg

Better known as GIG. Some people go for fun. Kris goes to trim nails as part of the VAGA vending tent. We raided the basement and packed up the VAGA van.
I only went up for Saturday. To meet a couple of fellow bloggers, and to help Kris repack the van after vending was over. Luckily, the rain held off till we were all packed up. Stanley is the greeter.
Stanley managed to have a personal babysitter most of the time.
It wasn’t just for the greyhounds. Some, like this Ibizan hound, looked like smaller greyhounds.
Some like this deerhound are bigger fuzzier versions.
We got to meet up with Tales and Tails and Shutterhounds. We managed to line all the kids up. From left to right is Bunny, Jaime, Stella, Stanley, and Parker.
After then initial greetings, Stanley got tired and had to rest his head on Stella. Bunny is not sure what that is about.
Then Jaime rests her head on Stanley. Look away Bunny.
Bunny comes over to show me her new leather collar. Ooh, pretty!
Jaime was not done yet. She snagged Bunny as she was walking by.
Much to Bunny’s dismay, Kuster joined us. I believe his orange hankie says, ‘the greyhounds are with me’.
Kuster and Parker are very focused on the treats in Mr. Taleteller’s hand.
Too bad this is out of focus, but I think the intent is clear. Kuster is not happy about Bunny photobombing his shot.
Meeting Bunny and Kuster wore them out.
Stella giving us the sad face as we repack the van.


  1. You got some great pictures! lol It was so great to meet you and the pups! Bunny is still worn out from the whole thing. You're right, Kuster's bandanna did say "The Greyhounds are with me!" I was not involved in its creation. Mr. Taleteller thought he needed that.

    I love that shot of them all lined up! I obviously need to work on my hound in the crowd shots.

  2. I love seeing everyone's pictures from GIG. Someday I am going to get there! These events wear the dogs out though!

  3. Loved seeing all the photos. We hope to make it to GIG sometime. I would love to go for a few extra days and explore Gettysburg.

  4. Wow, you got this post up quick! I started mine tonight, but will have to finish in the morning because I'm going to bed now. I have a few very similar photos :) Glad you got to go up to GIG and see what it was all about this year!

  5. it was nice to meet you, your wife, and your pack. i need to use your post as a guide to identify your pups in my pictures.

  6. GIG is a really popular event, I have read a few blogs from people who took their Greyhounds.
    It is so sweet the way Jamie rests her head on the other dogs backs.
    Enjoyed all your photos!

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  8. Sounds like great fun. Lovely photos too! Deccy x

  9. That looks like so much fun! Great that you got to meet other bloggers.

  10. Gettysburg's greyhound gathering looks a great event. LOVE the pictures you got.
    I think young Kuster felt he need to assert himself. And who can blame him surrounded by so many gorgeous greyhounds.
    Love and licks, Winnie

  11. What fantastic photo's! looks like a good time was had by one and all.

    Love and hugs Sue and the Taylor hounds xxx

  12. I saved the best til last, so jealous that you go to GIG and then to meet the T&T crew and Shutterhounds! And get some cool photos too. It's not as good as being there but at least I get to see some of the fun vicariously. So glad you posted this:)

  13. Jealous you got to meet Kuster and Bunny!!!! One day I will too!

  14. I hope Kris saw better nails than I did the last time I volunteered to do that. Borderline neglect on some of those dogs. I never ever quick my hounds and I quicked at least 5 times that day. :-(