Saturday, April 7

Nike & Ella

The littermates, Nike and Ella came to stay with us for a few days. The girls know how to relax. And it turned our house into a brindle party. Jaime, Nike, and Stella catch some rays, while Parker is on patrol.
Sometimes Parker barks at things only he can see. The brindle girls ran down in the yard when Parker gave the alert, but they couldn’t see what he was barking at. Maybe the butterfly could see it from it’s perch.
Danger averted, the girls head back. Nike in the lead, then Stella.
Ella passes Stella at the turn.
A dead tie between Ella and Nike.
It was nice and sunny while they were here. Nike tries to create some shade with her own ears.
Ella does her impression of a Pointer.
Or maybe it was just all the pollen, and she was about to sneeze.
Ella loved running around the yard. Stanley thinks about joining in, while Stella is on patrol.
Yes, Stella, you have to share the couch. I know you were going to stretch out and take that entire end, but you were a bit slow, and Jaime wanted to snuggle with her big sis.


  1. They look like they are having such a great time. Funny how sometimes one will sound an alert and when the others go to look, there is nothing there. Sometimes I wonder if its a game to them or something. Loving your green grass - mother nature is being cruel to us. They are calling for 20 cm of snow overnight.

  2. I think Parker has a game going. Maggie will bark at nothing to make the others run to look....meanwhile she takes one of their spots. :) I love Nike's ears, they are so unique.

  3. What great pictures you got of them! Bunny and Blueberry would love your house.

    I had a good laugh yesterday. One of Bunny's Twitter friends posted a picture called "Greyhound Slumber Party" that they got from Google. It was from your house! They were amazed that Bunny knew who took the picture. lol

    Are you going to GIG this year, or are you being left behind to dog sit again?

  4. Houndstooth: that pic has definitely made the rounds. I have doggie-sitting duty again for GIG, but do plan on attending Dewey in the Fall.

  5. Can I come and live with you?! Deccy x

  6. Deccy, you a welcome anytime! We even have a cat to annoy you, so you would feel right at home :)

  7. Fab photo's, such a photogenic group of gorgeous greyhounds.