Monday, May 21

Grapehounds Virginia 2012

Must be greyhound event season. A couple of weeks after GIG, we were at Grapehounds Virginia. We weren’t able to make it to the Friday night get-together. We got to the hotel late, and pulled out the sofa bed for Jaime and Stanley.
After filling up on breakfast, the kids were ready to hit the wineries.
Tasting inside at Lost Creek Winery. I felt sorry for the people who had to get past to use the restroom. Parker, 'Daddy, why do you bring me to these greyhound events'?
Much roomier at the outside tasting.After a bit of wine for breakfast, we headed to Quattro Goomba Winery, where we heard there was a pizzeria onsite. Judy’s kids were lucky enough to have a ramp for such excursions.
A couple of the boys were interested in becoming sommeliers.
The rest of the group was well-mannered.
We ordered a couple of bottles of wine for the group and waited for our pizzas.
Stella thought it was a bit hot and went into ‘water hog’ mode.
There appeared to be more greys than people. Floor space was at a premium.
Stella had an admirer and decided to share both her bed and water bowl. Julie’s Gabby had a bed all to herself.
After a full day of wine tasting, none of the kids volunteered to be on the sofa bed. They all wanted a good night’s rest.


  1. This looks like so much fun. We were at GIG too. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you. It was our first time and was like a whirlwind. We'll do better next year. We're set for Dewey this year, but are talking about Grapehounds New York for next year. I love the greyhound events! Your pictures are adorable. I love your pack.

  2. Wow, my three favorite things all in one place...greyhounds, wine and pizza! It looks like so much fun and who wouldn't want to have a greyhound sommelier. Mine have definitely tried to taste some here. After a day like that, you really can't blame them for wanting the "real" bed; although it looks like you might have got stuck with the pullout.

  3. The photo of the three eating their breakfast is adorable! Sounds like everyone had a nice time. :-)

  4. Wine and pizza eh... sounds like a good day! And the kids had the right idea with the bed! :-)

  5. Thought I was seeing things for a moment when I read grapehounds :)
    I don't know, they say it's a dogs life but if that means having your own sofa bed and wine tasting, who wouldn't want to be a dog!
    Love the photo in the restaurant with every inch of floor space covered in dogs - wonderful.
    Lynne x

  6. I can't believe you had Grapehounds already! I am not surprised Stella had an admirer. Did I see Stanley standing up in there somewhere? :P It looks like a great time again!

  7. Greyhounds, wine, and pizza. It doesn't get much better than that. I couldn't make this trip, but I'm planning for the Grapehounds Wine Tour to NY. I hope it is as fun as this one looks.

  8. That looks like so much fun for the people and the hounds.

  9. I adore the photo of them eating out of their's a great shot, G! I still can't believe Stella shared her bed with a stranger.... she's becoming a hussy in her old age! -A

  10. FANTASTIC PHOTO'S, especially the one eating !!!!! looks like a wonderful trip was had by you all and so many greys in one place HEAVEN.

    Love Sue and the Taylor pack xx

  11. i love that synchronized eating shot.

  12. I still get annoyed reading these posts. I enjoy that you had a great time, but I cannot understand why this can't happen here. It's near impossible to find a motel that lets you bring pets. Forget motels, apartments and condos rarely let you have dogs, so why would motels.

    Argh. Fine. I'll just sit here and be bitter. ... And reread the post. Jealousy is so in right now.

  13. It's so cool you can enjoy events like this with your hounds as well:) I doubt life would get any better than a day out like that.