Sunday, October 29

BOA Environmental Fair

        We went down to Richmond this weekend to the Bank of America Environmental Fair. Jason works for BOA. After Jason and Trina got Dana, one of his coworkers, Vashti adopted Logan from our group. Vashti ran the fair, and VAGA was invited. We dressed the kids in hats and collars and went around meeting and greeting. Here is a shot of some of the greys with the clown at the fair. We were there close to four hours, and the kids were tired.

        We went back to Trina’s afterwards. The kids love to run around their back yard. The first pic is of Stella and Winston posing in the back yard. Winston loves to stay with us when his parents are out of town. I think he misses being around other greyhounds, and we always have plenty of grey-friends for him to visit with.

In the next shot, the kids are chasing Shiloh around the yard. Trina looks like she is about to become a casualty of the chase.

In the last pic, Trina is kissing on Dana while Shiloh is laying next to her. A proud mommy and her two girls.

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  1. love your photos, but what sticks out is your back yard. we're in year 8 of a horrible drought and i can only water using a bucket and every other day. my greys are really grey. pet them and it's a poof of dust.

    love your posts. i think i'll set roofest to the desktop. had to show that to everyone willing to listen.

    ciao from australia