Sunday, October 15

More Fosters and Big Ol' Greyhound Party

        I was on the road in Boston this week. I came back to find that we now had 3 fosters (Shirley, Kay, Minnie) and babysitting Winston along with the our usual crew. That makes 6 greys and Parker in the house. A party by itself. The first pic is of the greys relaxing. Parker and Minnie are not in the pic. Hard to get all of them together to take a good pic.         We had a big ol’ greyhound party on Saturday. Quite a few recent adopters and people from Richmond stopped by. There were 30+ greys and Parker, Shiloh, Dante & Murphy. The pic shows people and dogs in the backyard socializing. We only had to muzzle a few of the greys who were getting a bit snippy. There were two distinct groups of dogs. There was the backyard group who spent their time sniffing the outdoors and tearing around the yard. The other group thought it much nicer to find a nice soft bed or couch inside and have people pet them and tell them how sweet they are. This is the first party that I did not work the grill. With this many people and dogs, it was just easier to pick up platters from Chick Fil-A and Costco. Quite yummy. Less work for me, and more time to socialize and enjoy the party. It got quite cold after the sun went down. For the diehard party animals, we moved the wine and dog beds down to the patio and sat by a roaring fire in the pagoda. A good time was had by all.
        Jason and Trina spent the night with their 3 kids and Goddess their foster. So that was 11 dogs total upstairs for the night. Surprisingly, they all settled in and we all got a good night’s rest. The last pic is of Jason and Trina laying with the dogs this morning. You should be able to discern 7 greys and Parker and Dante. During feeding time this morning, we got a glimpse of what it must be like to at feeding time in a kennel. When we go down to our regular crew, I’m sure the house will feel quite empty. Not that Stella, Lucas or Parker will mind. And I’m sure the kitties who are currently hiding out in the basement are counting down the days.

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  1. if you don't mind, i'm going to send this out to my fellow fosterers here in qld.