Saturday, October 28

Dogball & Halfway House

        Who says greyhounds take up lots of space. Curled up properly, we could easily fit half a dozen on our couch. Here is Stella showing the proper form for maximum use of space. Quite odd, since she usually likes to claim the entire couch and spread out for maximum coverage.

        Does the second picture look familiar? Same angle, different dogs. This time it is Kris (on phone on greyhound business), Lucas, Shirley, Winston (babysitting for the weekend), Kay, Parker on the couch, Stella, and Teemu (overnight foster) in the middle dog bed. As usual, Minnie is out of the picture. She loves to sleep in her crate. Eight in all. Just another day at the Park household. I have reminded Stella that this is all her doing. I wanted a greyhound and got a lifestyle :)


  1. love the dogball! and i envy your pajama party. in oz, we have some rule about the number of dogs you can have. if i were to be registered as a greyhound owner, i could have as many as i want as they're not considered dogs if you're a greyhound owner. go figure.

    i think fostering greyhounds is only slightly less addictive than nicotine.

  2. What a greyt last photo! I miss fostering.