Monday, October 23

SPCA Adoptathon & Meet 'n Greet

        What did I do with my weekends before the greyhounds? Was there such a time? We still have 3 fosters along with our 3 kids. I went to an SPCA Adoptathon in Prince William County on Saturday with Debbie. It was an all day affair, and we got the afternoon shift. Kris went to a Hokie night game. She didn’t end up getting back home till 2:30am. I was going to take all three fosters, but Minnie and Kay are now spoken for, so that just left Shirley. So we took Stella and Shirley as ambassadogs. The first pic is of Stella in her witch’s hat at the adoptathon.

        On Sunday, we did the Meet ‘n Greet in downtown Fredericksburg. We always get a good turnout for this one. Kay and Minnie’s new family came to visit them. They are renovating their kitchen and are waiting till it’s finished before adding greys to their family. So we will have them for a couple more weeks. There was quite a bit of interest in Shirley at both the Adoptathon yesterday and today at the Meet ‘n Greet. Hopefully we will find a good home for her soon. The second pic is of Minnie, Kay, Stella, Shirley, and Winston. Winston looks like he should be playing golf or drinking a Guinness with that hat on.

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  1. These two photos are wonderful. The picture of Stella should be in a calendar for the month of Oct. Look at her beautiful face. The SPCA event was so much fun. We met a ton of nice people and the greyhounds were a hit!