Monday, October 23

RooFest 'n Grey Blog Links

        I finally managed to have the camera ready when the kids decided to go in ‘roo’ mode. The two husky mix dogs next door started to howl. That always get my kids all riled up. They like to go out and show ‘em what roo’ing is all about. Here you can see Kay (fawn), Lucas (white/brown), Minnie (white/black), and Stella (brindle) howling like a fire truck was passing by. Parker the black SPCA dog is looking around to see what all the roo’ing is about. This was followed by a few quick laps around the yard for good measure.
        Here are a couple of grey blog links that I keep up with. Check ‘em out. The first is Needle Noses. This blog is about fostering ex-racers in Queensland, Australia. I think Australia would be a cool place to live. If we ever decided to move there, at least we know we could keep fostering :) The next link is Raven The Black Grey. This blog follows the adventures of Raven, a black greyhound, from the first-greyhound perspective. See what antics she’s been up to lately.


  1. classic.
    this reminds me of those annoying things cheerleaders tried to get you to do at pep rallies. this half of the gym against that half for a show of spirit. please. at least i missed a class. now 'rooin against the huskies is a contest.

    i see the unity, the harmony, the passion.

  2. I love this picture. I can almost hear the rooing!

  3. мне кажется: отлично.. а82ч