Sunday, November 5

Hide 'n Seek with Hercules

        We lost two fosters and gained one over the weekend. Kay and Minnie went to their forever home on Saturday. They worked well together, so I was glad to see them go to the same home. Such sweet girls. Wish all fosters were so easy. While Kris was adopting out Kay and Minnie, I was picking up Hercules Spirit. I had seen him race when I was down in Orlando a few months back. He was racing at close to 90 lbs. He got his butt handed to him by a 55 lb girl during that race. Little did I know that he would be in my house a few months later.

        Here he is playing hide and seek with me. First he tried to hide in the euonymous bush, but he was too easy to spot. So he decided to hide in plain site. With all the leaves changing color, he just kind of blends in.
        He is a real sweetheart. Both Kris and I have a thing for the big goofy boys. That’s what we were looking for when Lucas came along. With all the fosters we’ve had since then, Hercules is only our second one that fits that description. He’s as tall and long as Lucas, but he still needs to put on a few pounds. He will easily be 90+ lbs at his couch potato weight. There are some fosters that just make you want to chip. Hercules is one of them. He is such neat dog. Gets along with everyone, is a quick learner, and just fits in pretty well. The rational side says let him go, but my heart wants him to stay, or at least be a long-term foster. This afternoon, we introduced him to a family that just lost their Dobie and are looking for a playmate for their alpha grey girl. Hercules fit in very well there, and enjoyed having the kids love on him. We will be dropping him off there on Fri. Easy come easy go.


  1. couch potato weight.
    funny! makes it sound like an actual ranking. i'm going to use it when i take a break. i have my marathon weight and my cpw.
    hurts saying good-bye.
    we're having our christmas party at the end of november. a bbq, natch! gotta love the southern hemisphere sometimes. i will get to see many of my ex-fosters. wonder if high school teachers are the same at homecoming games.

  2. What an awesome boy! BEAUTIFUL!!!