Wednesday, April 26

Zeke & Angel

Here are pictures of our latest fosters we picked up over the weekend. Zeke is the fawn male. Angel is the dark brindle female. They are both fitting in quite nicely into our family. We were originally supposed to pick up Zeke and Heather. Angel was originally planned as part of the Saturday haul to Northern Virginia. There was a mixup when the dog haul truck showed up on Saturday. So now we have Angel. We were going to swap Angel and Heather since Heather was planned for a family in our area. But the family ended up backing out. And since Heather is not cat-safe, and we have three kitties, we’ve decided to leave the girls where they are. So it looks like we might have Zeke & Angel with us for a while. That makes 5 dogs and 3 cats. Quite the frenzy during feeding time.

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