Thursday, April 6

Thunder the Foster

Picked up a new foster today, Graces Thunder. He’s not even two years old yet. That means he probably never raced. We’ll only have him for a couple of days before he goes to his new foster family in Richmond. He’s young, adventurous and smart. He gets along with our kids and Casey too. Casey is going to her new foster/forever home tomorrow. They will foster for a week or so, and if everything works out, they will keep her. Thunder figured out the stairs and doggie door quite quickly. He managed to eat 5 cups of food just for dinner. He might be the most ravenous eater we’ve had yet. Like most boys, he marked everything in the yard and tried to do the same inside. A loud ‘NO’ a couple of times, and I think he’s caught on. Since he’s pretty young, I think he’ll be a handful for a while. Hope he ends up in a high energy family.


  1. What an awesome photo! Hope you are sending this in for the calendar.

  2. You do like to take your pictures around those bushes don't you!!! :) It looks great though. He is such a handsome boy. But man, am I going to miss Casey!!!