Monday, April 24

North Carolina Road Trip

We just returned from our road trip to Winston-Salem to see our friend Susan. The renovations on her house were amazing. If you put a bed in her kitchen, I could live in there. We went for a walk in her neighborhood on Saturday and ran into a couple of Labs behind an invisible fence, but which obviously was not working. They got all worked up and both came running into the street barking at our guys. We’ve had this happen to us before on walks in our own neighborhood, and the dogs have always been friendly. Just out for a sniff before heading back home. These guys were baring teeth, and before we knew it, Lucas had a couple of punctures on his back side. I herded them back into their yard at which point the owners came out and called their dogs in. We called them later to let them know that their dogs had gone past their electric fence. They feigned ignorance, but this has happened to them at least once before that we know of. On Sunday we went to the local dog park. The first picture is of our guys making some new friends. On our way back home on Monday, we stopped by the Project Racing Home greyhound kennel near Greensboro to pick up a couple of greys, Zeke and Angel. The second pic is of some of the greys trying to figure out what kinda funny looking greyhound Parker is. Zeke stood up in the car the entire 4.5hr drive home, with much growling from our guys whenever he stepped on one of them. They settled in pretty quickly, having no problems with the stairs or doggie door. I will post pics of them as soon as I get a few good shots. Also, I have added a link to Trina’s greyhound blog. We have known her for years and now she and her husband Jason recently adopted Dana and have been fully sucked into the greyhound ‘cult’ too.

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