Wednesday, April 5

Greyhounds and grass

We had our first good thunderstorm on Monday. I was prepared with a 50lb bag of grass seed. With such a wet winter and the greys running in the yard, there is a track of missing grass where they do their circuit. When the ground is soft, the chunks of grass go flying when the guys are chasing each other. Never had this problem when it was just Parker. Hopefully some of the grass will take. Since the greys tend to lick themselves clean like cats do, we are told not to put down fertilizer on the lawn that they could ingest. So we shall see if the grass has a chance to grow. I don’t really care if weeds took over the entire yard. I would just like a green covering so the ground isn’t so hard for the kids to run on, and they don’t track in the red clay that wreaks havoc on the carpet. That’s why we have a steam cleaner.

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