Sunday, April 9

Back to Back Meet 'N Greets

We had two Meet ‘N Greets this weekend. Saturday’s was at the PetsMart at Virginia Center Commons in Glen Allen. This was the first one for VAGA this far south. We had quite the turnout as you can see in the picture. This was also our first time with a ‘Donation Dog’. Stella stepped up to the plate and even put on her fancy hat. Stella loves to get dolled up and meet people. We got more donations than at any previous meet ‘n greet. We had quite the turnout of VAGA volunteers. It was nonstop people interested in knowing more about greyhounds. Hopefully we’ll get some applications from this event. We had a few interested people at our Sunday meet ‘n greet at Dog Dayz in downtown Fredericksburg. Things are really speeding along for VAGA in Central Virginia.

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  1. This is a non greyhound comment....but dude, whatever happened to our writing/photography contest of sorts?