Sunday, April 2

Another greyhound weekend!

Seems to be a lot of greyhound weekends these days. This weekend we had a meeting of our local volunteers followed by an adoption of four dogs. Today we are taking our foster along with our kids up to Leesburg for a Meet ‘N Greet. A family is interested in meeting Casey. Next week is back to back Meet ‘N Greets on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s is the first one for our group in Richmond. Hopefully there will be a good turnout. And our schedule for the rest of the year looks much like that. Add in a few dog hauls, throw in a car wash and golf tournament to raise money and awareness, the annual VAGA picnic, maybe a trip to Florida in the fall to visit the track and kennels, and this will turn out to be quite the greyhound year for us. Just to make sure, we may throw in a big event like Gettysburg or Dewey beach. Free weekends will consist of seeing how many greys I can fit in my backyard while I grill yummy food for their humans.

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