Thursday, April 20

1500+ mile week

I put on close to 1000 miles this week for work. And gas is near $3 a gallon. We’ll put another 600+ miles this weekend to visit our friend Susan in Lewisville, NC. She has the two English Cocker Spaniels from a previous post. It’s been well over a year since Kristen has been there. I stop by sometimes when I am in the area for work. The renovations are finally done on her house, so we’re going down to check it out. Susan has known Parker since he was a pup, and met Stella not too long after we got her, but she hasn’t met Lucas yet. Lucas loves to flirt with the girls, and both her English Cockers are girls. On the way back, we are going to stop by a rescue kennel near Greensboro and pick up a couple of greys. We will be fostering both of them for a bit. We might have to strap our luggage to the roof rack if we’re going to comfortably fit 4 greys in the back of the 4Runner. Parker always lays on a dog bed on the lap of the person in the passenger seat. That should be a fun drive back.

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