Monday, November 20

Birthday Dog Haul

        What does a VAGA volunteer do for his 36th birthday? A dog haul of course. Eleven greys made it up to Virginia from Florida this past weekend. Nothing like getting up at 4am to drive for hours to meet the dog hauler. I don’t even get up that early for work :) We had a three vehicle convoy. Dropped off four in Richmond at Trina’s and then five went to Fredericksburg, then the final two went to Northern Virginia.

        Luckily, every grey had a forever home to go to. So no long-term fosters. We will be fostering Gemstone Tyler for a week until after Thanksgiving till he goes to his forever home. The pic of the ears is Tyler. Just wanted to see what a view from his angle looked like. He was like a kick in the pants for our long-term foster Shirley. She’s been reluctant to use the doggie door. But when Tyler started to figure it out after a few minutes, all of sudden, she could use it. Guess she didn’t want to be shown up by a grey fresh off the track. Within a day, he’s doing stairs, the doggie door, roaching on a dog bed, and playing with toys.

        The other pic is of Cyanide Billy and Cyanide Andy. They are semi-celebrities. They were in the winter 2005 issue of Celebrating Greyhounds magazine for saving their family. A little background. After hurricane damage, their family was using a generator for power. Carbon monoxide was leaking into the house. Billy and Andy woke up the family and they were able to get out safely. So how are they repaid for saving the lives of the family. They were dumped at a dog sitter’s house when the family supposedly left to go on vacation, but left for good and never came back to pick them up. So now they are in their true forever home here in Virginia. They are with a retired couple with a track record of helping special seniors.


  1. i cannot believe some people. i'd understand honesty if they said they just couldn't handle it... but to lie like that...

    my brooke was in CG's last issue. my subscription ran out and the first issue had GAP Australia. wouldn't you know.

    i can't wait to see your kids all dressed up for winter.

    if we ever do the marine corps marathon, i'll expect to see some greys. i've improved my time in every race in which i stopped to snuggle a grey. they're very powerful.

  2. What a great day it was. This was one great group of greyhounds. Great way to spend your birthday!!!