Wednesday, November 22

Tyler becomes Ryder

        I’m Tyler, and I’m only here till the end of the week. Then I will go to my forever home. I woke up in Florida, then they put in me in the dog hauler and I went to sleep and woke up in North Carolina. Then I slept in the back of an SUV and woke up in Richmond for a pee break. Then back again another hour to Fredericksburg. All the other dogs were taken by their new families here. Only I was left. They said my family had just had their home visit that morning. That’s ok. I just wanted to eat and take a nap.

        As you can see, I’m practicing being retired. The first day I stayed in my crate a lot. Since then, I’ve learned many things from the Park kids. It helps that I’m a quick learner. My new favorite is when I am outside, and I hear the squirrel call. I run up the deck steps, go through the doggie door, and someone is waiting with chicken jerky for me. This place must be one of them bed and breakfast places. I hope my new family’s house is a bed and breakfast too. I like my name, but my new family already has a child named Tyler. To avoid any confusion about me getting blamed for something the skin kid does, they are going to call me Ryder.

        Since I hadn’t seen much while I was in Florida, they decided to take me for a walk downtown. Kennel, track, kennel, track...... Kinda gets boring. Downtown Fredericksburg was much more exciting. It had lots of new stuff for me to see. In this pic, it’s (l to r) Parker, Lucas, Shirley, me, and Stella. Kinda chilly so we all had our coats on. Lots of people stopped and told me how handsome I am. I could get used to this. I even stopped to smell the flowers (then pee on them). The weirdest thing I saw was these huge dogs that I didn’t recognize. My humans said they were horses. I just stared in amazement. All this writing makes me tired. Nap time.


  1. Ryder, you are too darn cute! Look at your face. Your new family is going to love you so much. You seem to be a very smart and happy boy. How fast you are learning about life away from the track. You were very lucky to get to stop at the "Park Hotel" for a week. It has a Five Star Rating. The best Virginia has to offer! Enjoy your first real Thanksgiving tomorrow.

  2. love the nose-on shots!
    and so good looking in their coats.

    my tamale was a robyn. she had noooo problem adjusting. with "tamale" came hugs, food, treats, scritching. and there were robyns in my family. now she has more names... all pretty much ridiculous, but she comes for every one. no wonder they're called pet names.

  3. That last photo is wonderful! I love the face shots.