Sunday, November 26


        We’ve been calling Tyler, Tyler-Ryder and Ryder to get him used to his new name. His new family thought it over during the Thanksgiving Holiday and decided that no one really liked that name. So now we’re calling him Tyler-Brady and Brady to get him used to the new name. Our first grey was named Carol’s Wheel. She didn’t really look like a Carol, so we tried out a few names and decided on Stella. We kept Lucas/Luke for Roar Lucas. Hard to pick out a name with just a description or picture. Luckily, they usually don’t know their names. So Brady it is. I’m sure with four kids in his forever family calling him Brady while giving him hugs, he’ll quickly catch on.

        This shot is of our muzzle and key holder to our back door. We bought it at a cute little shop in Wilmington, NC. Over Thanksgiving, we watched Merit (Minnie) and Vesta (Kay) whom we had fostered just a few weeks ago. So they had no problems spending the night here. That made six greys and Parker. We hang the muzzles here for easy access. They also don’t fit on the leash rack because it is full. And their coat/collar rack is also full. Also, if we go near the leash/coat/collar racks to take anything off, it gets our guys excited because they think they are going somewhere.
        Kris washed all their stuffie toys last night. Some didn’t make the cut. Ones with no stuffy left or with too many amputated limbs that couldn’t be sewed back on were thrown away. The others were run through the wash on gentle cycle. We went over the other night to see Kris’ sister’s new house. Kendall is just over two years old and had toys all over the place. I was thinking how many toys she had laying around and in baskets. Then I come home to a family room covered with dog beds and stuffie toys. Two baskets in the corners filled with more toys in case they get bored with the ones already strewn all over the floor.


  1. Greyhounds can never have too many toys. They must make up for all those years without having a toy at all. OK...that's what us crazy GH people tell ourselves to justify having so many toys for our 4-legged kids. It's amazing how quickly the greys learn to play with stuffies. I'm so glad that Brady will have Christmas with his new family. He is such a great boy!
    You both do such a good job with your foster kids!!!!!

  2. this photo makes muzzles actually look pretty.