Wednesday, November 15

Life before the Greys

Was there life before the greyhounds? Let’s just ask Parker and the kitties. The pic shows Parker, Isabel (tortoise), Greyson (gray), and Noah (orange tabby). Parker didn’t mind sharing the bed with the kitties. No one was a bed hog, so everyone fit on the bed nicely. Now Noah, the Crabby Cat, is the only one who really ventures up from the basement these days. The other two are too scared of the greys. Mainly foster greys. They have gotten used to Stella and Lucas, but since we have fosters in and out all the time, they spend most of their time in the basement where they can sleep in peace. Since this pic was taken, we have upgraded to a king-size bed, and though Parker curls up in a little dog ball, Stella and Lucas are all leg. So finding space on the bed can be tricky.


  1. yeah... my felines think this new joke has gone on too long.
    i couldn't live without either. greys are great cat-lovers' dogs.

  2. Such second class citizens!!! Though that is a really cute pic.