Friday, July 19

Miss Mia

We’ve been missing a certain black energetic girl in the house. Mia filled the spot for a week. She was recently adoped by Sabrina’s family. Sabrina was so special to her family, we weren’t sure they would adopt another after her.
Miss Goldilocks starts searching for the perfect bed. Parker’s bed is a bit small.
If you can’t find the perfect bed, just make it the way you want it. And throw in one of my Five Fingers for good measure.
Maybe I’ll try Parker’s other bed.
I promise not to eat this one.

Nevermind, I think I found a much better place to sleep.


  1. Had to smile at the bed she'd made:)

  2. Miss Mia looks like a girl who likes to get her own way - a sentiment I am sure my girls share!
    Love the first pic where she is looking at you and saying 'and?'
    Lynne x

  3. Looks like Mia is going to provide loads of fun and laughs.

  4. She is a pretty girl. Congrats to Miss Mia for finding a forever home.

  5. Oh funny! I wonder where Mia sleeps in her new home? Congratulations Mia :)