Tuesday, July 30

Stella the Beta Testing Queen

Whenever we get anything new, especially dog beds, Stella has to be the first one to try it out. Make sure it’s okay for everyone to use.
Since her amputation, Stella has refused to relearn how to do stairs. This led to jumping the only stairs we have leading from the upper to lower deck. It’s only 3 steps, but being a bit wobbly, she would wipe out sometimes, and skinned the top of her feet pretty badly. So, we carried her up and down the stairs. That got old really quickly. Then we dragged our old ramp and slapped it on the stairs. Not as easy as it sounds, as it felt like it weighed a ton.
This made Stella very happy as there are no longer any stairs to deal with.
From the yard.
To the house.
When I tried to get a video, she wouldn’t cooperate. The elapsed coaxing time of this video was over 5 minutes.
I recently got my official company car. No more rentals. I loved my Forester, but the Ford Escape is quite cute.
It also backs up perfectly into the gate, so the kids can easily hop on in.

Stella approves. She is ready to ride in comfort to Grapehounds NY. 


  1. I'm so happy for Stella! Of course, what else were you to do? When a Greyhound gets it into their head that they're not going to do something, well, they're not going to do it. Can't wait to hear about Grapehounds!

  2. I hope you have a great time at Grapehounds! Stella definitely leads the life of Riley! :)

  3. Well dat ramp is just perfect fur Stella!
    I swear her looks like a queen sittin' in da back of da Ford!


  4. Oh Stella, what a girl, look at her power up the ramps! And I love her bed in the new car :) Fit for a Queen, eh Stella :) Have a great time at Grapehounds. You guys have all the best things to go to.

  5. What Stella wants, Stella gets. You go girl! You look like a queen in the car. :-)

  6. Stella....we feel you, we made Daddy build us all a ramp so we could get up on the big bed to sleep with Mama and Daddy!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. The ramp is perfect and doesn't Stella look so well! Love how the new car backs up to the opening so perfectly and boy does it look comfy in the back of your car.

    sue x

  8. Very cool ramp! We love having ours. It was espicially nice for Booyah when he had his rear leg issues.

  9. It seems that you are able to meet any and all challenges that Stella is having. I'm glad to see her looking so good.

  10. Nothing wrong with being curious or adventurous! I always like seeing your ramp, it looks really nice!
    Pippa :)

  11. Hmm, looks like I missed this post. My Dog - that is some ramp! Stella is managing very well with her tripod legs now, which is great.
    It is nice to see she has such a good daddy/human slave :)
    (Just like ours do).
    Lynne, Dip Bridge and Elliot x