Monday, July 15

Local Culture

With Summer in full swing, we are getting a taste of the local culture our new house has to offer. 
There are lots of deer around here. I see fresh hoof prints in the yard every day. With babies, it’s easier to go around the fence.
Hey mister, I’m a fawn greyhound. Want to adopt me? Not really, you’re the reason I come in with a tick on me every time I do yard work.
Dragonflies are always buzzing about.
We have colorful mini Komodo dragons. The blue-tailed skink’s tail will break off and wiggle, distracting a predator, while it makes a hasty escape. Must be great to be able to regenerate body parts.
We have huge moths. That is a 77mm lens cap for perspective.
Baby toad. I'm camouflaged. You can't see me.
Meet Mr. Toad. He is fat from eating such moths.
He hangs out at the garage door under the light we leave on for the kids to potty at night. Moths literally drop into his mouth.
Sometimes he is joined by the other Mr. Toad. They remind me of the BBC cooking show's 'Two Fat Ladies'.
Our favorite visitors are the hummingbirds. We have two pair. They are always dive-bombing each other.

Ahh, sweet nectar. They buzz our heads to let us know when it’s time to refill.


  1. Lovely photos! Everyone seems so agreeable to having their photos taken. The picture of the deer reminds me of a funny story. When we adopted our first Greyhound, Paloma, I sent out Christmas cards with her photo. One of my husband's friends, upon receiving his card, emailed me a picture of a deer and asked me why we let a deer lounge on our sofa. Deers and Greyhounds look remarkably alike.

  2. The deer cracked me up, but then I got to the toads! Ha ha ha! And that is one giant moth. We have some of them around here, too, and they creep me out a bit.

  3. haha oh the deer are so cute!! what do the dogs think of them?

  4. Love seeing wildlife getting on where we have built homes. Shows how adaptable they are.

    Those toads aren't stupid:)

  5. wow what fab wildlife right on your doorstep! stunning photo's.

  6. Fantastic photos and brilliant captions - no wonder those toads are fat if the food just drops into their mouths!
    I would have adopted that greyhound, er deer in a minute, or maybe not if they have ticks :)
    The dragonfly and Hummingbirds are so beautiful, thanks for sharing.
    Lynne x

  7. Ugh .. .ticks!!! It's one reason I don't think deer are as cute as some people think them! Where there are deer, there are ticks.

    Beautiful pictures though. And WOW, that is one huge moth!

  8. We have lots of wildlife here too. I have to scare off the toads from the lamp post. It's a buffet for them! Nice hummingbird feeder. We sell those where I work and I love them!

  9. Looks much like the cast of characters we have around our house. Minus the skink but plus a number of snake varieties and an annoying chipmunk who lives in the garage and stuffs acorns up my tailpipe when he gets a chance. Some creature or another is always surprising us when we go outside! Great photos of your menagerie!

  10. Wow, what amazing wildlife you have! I really liked the deer and the humming bird, but the moth looked sorta creepy!
    We get dolphins in the sea, wild rabbits, squirrels, the usual birdies but that's about it!
    Pippa :)

  11. What awesome photos! Shame about the ticks and can't say I'd want to step on a toad but everything else would be wonderful to have living close by. Do your dogs want to chase the deer?

  12. Wow, stunning photos! I especially like the hummingbirds and dragonflies. There was a blue tailed skink on our patio just a few days ago! I had never seen any around our house before. Not surprisingly, there are lots of deer in the field behind us though.