Monday, July 22

Stanley Turns 11

Stanley turned 11 this past weekend. He was a bit sad that Jaime was not here to celebrate it with him, since their birthdays are so close to each other. The following are iPhone and iPad pics, so sorry for any quality issues.
I had planned on grilling a Filet Mignon for Stan, but it was pouring rain outside, so he got it pan-seared.
Stanley doesn’t care a lick for presentation, but we wanted it to look pretty.
Nom, Nom, Nom. 
Stella was happy to eat the steak too. But a normal meal for Stella looks like this. Several choices of kibble.
She noses it away. Nope, not interested. Nor the freshly cooked hamburger.
But I will have more of this baby food. Every meal we go through this.


  1. Happy Birthday Stanley, hope you had a wonderful day - well, it looks like you did, wow!!
    We have a certain young lady who would give Stella a run for her money in the finicky, picky, can't eat it, won't eat it stakes.
    Lucky for them they have parents who need locking in a psyche ward, pfftt.
    Lynne x

  2. Happy Birthday handsome Stanley. I am sure Jaime was watching from Rainbow Bridge, after all it was a very special day.

    Glad that even Stella had what she liked.

  3. Stanley! Happy Birthday! What a way to celebrate. There may be no going back with Stella now that she knows about the creamy goodness of baby food.

  4. Happy Birthday Stanley! That baby food is a life saver!!!

  5. hah baby food! will keep that in mind when my dogs get old and fussy :P though Bender would have trouble getting his big fat tongue into that little teeny jar. And what a nice little birthday treat for Stanley :) careful or he will want it every day!

  6. Happy Birthday, Stanley! Perhaps you could invite me to next year's party, or send your chef to cook for mine?

    I had to laugh over the picky eater! We're dealing with it times two here at our house!

  7. Looks like a great birthday Stanley!!! Stella reminds us of Bilbo...he is also a VERY picky eater!!

    Dory, Jakey, Bilbo and Arty

  8. Way to go Stanley, you've got your folks very well trained! Happy Birthday ... and I'm not telling Beryl what you got fed on your birthday, she's got one coming up soon. Oh dear, Stella, I guess you've got the folks well trained too. Picky eaters can lead to sustained loss of hair on the human's part! I'm sure Jaime knew she was being thought of on Stanley's birthday, and every other day :)

  9. Awesome birthday dinner! I hope Stella's appetite improves.