Sunday, May 1

Easter Parade

We took the kids down to Richmond’s annual Monument Ave Easter on Parade. It was hot, so the kids only got minimally dressed up. Parker refuses to wear anything on his head.
Jaime is not sure what to make of the Deerhound. I told her it was a bigger hairier cousin. Not sure she believed me.
We trekked down to the James River Greyhound booth. Stella and Jaime take a breather in the shade, while Parker says hi to Nerice.
Stanley really is soft like a bunny.
Diego pimpin’ it.
Dolly, Lady in Pink.
After the parade, we headed to Trina’s to say hi to Dante, and see how he was doing. Henry says, ‘I like Turtles’.


  1. Love their expressions while wearing the flower hats. Priceless!

  2. Those flower hats have got to be the cutest hats to date, and that's saying something! Great pics :)


  3. They all look so cute in those hats! I have some cute Easter hats for ours, but no event for them to wear them to now that there's nobody doing meet and greets around here.

    It was so much fun meeting your wife at GIG! Next time, you really have to come, too. It's the first time we've been, but it was such a great event, and the weather was so nice!

  4. Parker forgot his Ritalin.

    I made an inappropriate laugh when I read "Diego pimpin it". I didn't realise that more coverage about Tuscaloosa, AL, was on the news at the same time. Mark looked at me funny until he realised that we were watching different screens.

    Your flower girls look great. I don't care if some are male. Flower dog doesn't sound as flower girl. Flower bitches is just wrong.

  5. What gorgeous photos! The Greys all look so pleased with themselves and their hats and I love Diego, he looks outstanding!

  6. Diego and Dolly's hats are perfect. They look like they were at the Royal Wedding.

  7. All the dogs look so CUTE in their Easter Hats!!!

  8. oh, so cute in their Easter hats!

  9. Henry! Great photos of your kids in their hats. i didn't get any!

  10. Love the flower hats and rabbit ears. What wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing.