Monday, May 30

Barkwells: The Sequel Part 2

This is part 2 of our Barkwell's trip this year.  Check out Barkwell's part 1 if you missed it.
Beth catching the morning sun. Patiently waiting for breakfast in her makeshift bolstered bed.Mika the Vizsla. She had already been running around for half an hour when we got out there. Does she look tired?
Her mom was very happy that Mika now had running partners. The race is on.
Dangit guys! Wait for me.
Mika: He’s right behind me isn’t he? Yes, Mika. RUN!!!
Caught her. Taking cues from Stella the ‘Fun Police’, Stanley goes for the PIT maneuver.
Beth is lost in her own world. Smelling the flowers and conversing with a butterfly.
A couple of laps around the pond, and stick a fork in ‘em.
With the greys out of the picture, Parker takes his shot at chasing Mika.

We finally managed to wrangle everyone together for a group shot. Basically we went to where the greys had plopped down. This was the best shot I could get.
Most shots looked more like this. Jaime is showing her rump, Beth is starting to sag, and Parker is off to cool down in the pond.
Tortoise and the hare. Parker might be 11 years old, but he can still go all day long.
Stanley, those ears don’t look very aerodynamic.
Like the Energizier Bunny. Hey mister, have you seen the greyhounds?
In a nice shady spot of course.
The sign outside a pizza shop where we had lunch. I concur.
Back to the beer tasting. French Broad Brewery. Before.
And after.
After another full day of tastings, we picked up some local ‘Q at 12 Bones, and headed back to relax on the deck.
The kids are still worn out from their morning jaunt with Mika.
On the way back home, we stopped at our friend Susan’s, so she could meet Beth, and Kris could meet her new puppy, Rocky. Rocky did not know what to make of the Big Dogs.
We had a great time. Though the original weather report called for rain, then heat, we lucked out and got neither. Already looking forward to next year’s trip.


  1. Doesn't it crack you up when people ask if greyhounds are high strung and require a lot of exercise? Looks like a grand vacation!

  2. It looks like such a great trip, and I'm really enjoying all your pictures!

    You asked the other day about the duckie pictures, and yes, I enhanced the color. It was for our Daily Shoot assignment one day and it was supposed to feature the color yellow, so I wanted the color to really pop.

  3. I love Vislas but oh, the exercise required! Give me a Greyhound. Mika looks like a lot of fun:)

    The photo of Stanley and his ears cracks me up!

    Mmm, I think I need a holiday, it looks like yours was wonderful, I'm jealous!

  4. You have so inspired me, I want to plan a trip to Barkwells! If I do, can I contact you for tips on any dog-friendly restaurants to visit?

  5. I love that photo of Stan's ears! Heard really good things about 12 bones, def. on the list of stops for our trip in 2 weeks. Great fun! ;-)

  6. Some really great pictures! Love the crazy Visla pic!