Saturday, May 14

Spring Babysitting

Note:  Blogger had technical difficulties after a software upgrade, and lost all entries for a couple of days prior to the upgrade.  They have managed to get the entries back, but have lost all comments.  Sorry to anyone that lost comments on this post.

Not sure if it’s Spring Break or just weird timing. It hasn’t been just my kids at home for weeks.
With all the good beds taken, Billy decides that Parker’s bed will have to do.
His sister, Alle, has no problem relaxing. Since she has no teeth, her tongue is always in ETS mode.
So what is Stanley’s excuse?
Jaime waiting for the honeysuckle to bloom. Should be any day now.
Savannah and her other brother Jack are greyhounds. Buster is a spaniel mix.
Has Parker been decapitated?
Nope. Just rolling in something stinky in the yard.
Billy wants to know if anyone will let him in. He comes out the doggie door just fine, but going back in seems to befuddle him.
Waiting for the Ark?
Billy and Parker taking a nap at the top of the stairs in a pool of warm afternoon sun.
Maggie is a delight to watch. She looks just like her mommy, Debbie’s sweet Ally girl.
Alle had a fascination with Parker’s poofy bed. She would fluff it up, so it was just the right height for a pillow.
We watched Merit, and her sister, Vesta for a night. Minnie has a big ol’ five-head and built like a linebacker. She rode in the back of my car all the way from Orlando many years ago.
Stella likes to catch the morning sun. Froggy style.


  1. You had me thoroughly entertained with just "the ark" picture! That should be a poster or a post card. I'm glad to see that the tradition of never keeping a dull moment is still alive and well at your house! :)

  2. As usual they all look like they are having a great time! Okay, what does ETS stand for? I've seen it a few times and can't figure it out.

  3. ETS = extended tongue syndrome (or something like that). Alle is adorable! (Well, they all are, but her in particular)

    Loving the ramp. We still plan on doing that on our back deck this summer. Sabrina is gone now, but Apollo is aging and I'd rather not have to try to carry his 85 lbs up and down the deck stairs in the winter if his back end goes.

  4. Thank you for taking such good care of Alle and Billy while I was on vacation. Love the pics!! My poor Alle with her ever present tongue :) ETS- escaped tongue syndrome (She had all remaing 39 teeth pulled due to CUPS Chronic Paradental Stomatitis.) Thank you Kristen and Gyeong!!

  5. that waiting for the ark pic made me laugh out loud. Seriously, too funny.

  6. Great pictures! As usual, you guys are busy watching pups! The last picture of Stella made me laugh - I've never seen a grey do that (not intentionally at least)!

  7. Yes, I'm having Blogger problems still. I'm not sure if I want to brave writing a post just yet!

    What wonderful photos and such a variety of colours and shapes:) All the hounds looks very relaxed and content. Love the ark photo!

  8. OMG...that picture of Maggie looks just like Ally. It's like seeing Ally again.
    Minnie's name doesn't seem to fit her right now : )

  9. Love that last pic of Stella. Never seen a grey lay that way. :)

  10. Hi :-). May I add your ETS photos to our ETS album?