Tuesday, May 17

Shiloh & Dante

We watched Shiloh and Dante while Trina and Jason are over in Italy admiring architectural history and eating great food and drinking ‘house’ wine.
As soon as he was dropped off, Dante headed straight for the toy basket. There has to be a nice marrow bone or squeaky egg in there.
His hard work pays off. Bones galore.
Cali enjoys the Big Orange Gorilla ride. Can we get one of these mommy? Please?
After some toy squeaking, Dante relaxes in a bean bag pillow. Fits just right.
Shiloh opts for the comfort of the bolstered bed.
But sooner or later, they all end up on the couch.
Shiloh finds a better use for the orange gorilla.
Last weekend was Grapehounds Virginia. This was the second time it was held in Virginia, and it looked like another hit. Luckily the rain held off. The main winery for Saturday was Lost Creek.
Got glasses. Time for tasting.
The kids relaxing next to the VAGA tent.
Shiloh waiting for mommy by the door.
The landing has a better view of the driveway.
Mommy? Is that you?


  1. Dante is adorable in the toy basket - he blends right in!

  2. I have a feeling the boarders are living it up at your house. One of these days, I'm going to find a giant orange gorilla, and then it's on like Donkey Kong! I am looking forward to seeing those pictures of Italy!

  3. Grapehounds VA was awesome again this year! We had a blast! I took the same pic of the Lost Creek Sign. :)

  4. All the pictures are adorable!!!

  5. oh..brought a tear. Shiloh does 'fester' a bit when I leave her but I knew she would be in GREAT hands. Thanks!!!

  6. That Dante is such a cutie, I nearly didn't see him in the toy basket:) Lovely photos of everyone and everything!

  7. Love the toy basket picture and the greyhound laying on the orange gorilla. Very funny!