Monday, April 25

Coffee, Wine, and Beer

I do love my beverages. Need to stay hydrated.
What is the difference between these two Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lenses?
One holds my freshly ground and brewed coffee. The other takes awesome pictures.
We went to our first wine festival of the year. We took Stella, and Trina brought Cali and Petey. You can see more pics of Petey on Trina’s post. Petey wonders why people have to go to special places to potty, when he can go anywhere outside.
Petey’s specialty was toe-kissing.
No Petey, you don’t have a wrist band. You’re too young to join in the festivities.
There were torrential rains the night before, so we had to pick our picnic spot carefully. I think Stella might be sneezing from all the pollen in the air.
The next weekend was beer weekend. My friend, Shawn, who own the homebrew store in NJ, came down for a brew pub tour. We started at Devil’s Backbone Brewery. Got the full 10 beer sampler with fried pickle spears to cleanse the palate.
Next was Blue Mountain Brewery and their 6 beer sampler. We got some hummus to tide us over till dinner.
They had just expanded their patio area, and with the nice weather, it was packed.
Next on the list was South Street Brewery in downtown Charlottesville. These samplers were bigger, so I only got four. One down, three to go.
Time to go brew some more beer.


  1. Hubby found a website that had those mugs and has been ogling them! Too funny that you have one!

    That is a whole lot of beer! I'm always envious of all the cool stuff you have that you can attend with the dogs out your way.

  2. That lens cup is so cool. I can see someone (probably me!) picking it up and spilling whatever's in it all over myself!

    That sure is a lot of beer. I don't drink beer but it's amazing to me how many different varieties there are available. It's also amazing how many events you can take your dogs to!

  3. That reminds me of when Kristen and I went to Denver! Lots of beer!

  4. Sounds like a great couple of weekends to me. :) I have seen those lens cups on ebay, very realistic. =)

  5. Beer tasting would be perfect for me... I can't ever drink a whole one, but I love to taste all the ones my hubby gets. :-)

  6. Love the lens cup. i hope there's never a mix up ;)