Tuesday, June 7

Summer = Babysitting and Festivals

Summer for us usually equals babysitting while people are on vacation and lots of festivals. Some we can even take the dogs to.
Fenway is a big goofy boy. Is he guilty? Yes. Does he look remorseful for eviscerating that poor stuffie? Not so much.
We had our VAGA group picnic a couple of weeks ago. I was busy holding onto my guys, so didn’t get many pictures. Please check out more pics at Angela’s blog. The picnic was held in her spacious back yard. The pools were a popular spot.
Ted being responsible at the picnic by picking up after his dogs.
My kids relaxing in the shade under a tent.
Miss Pippi came for a visit.
On the way back home, we ran across bikers heading up to D.C. for Rolling Thunder.
The next series of pics are from the Cooper Wine Fesitval, and the Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival. See more pics onTrina’s blog.
We squeezed all the kids into a corner of the deck at Cooper Vineyards, while we sipped wine and ate cheese.
One of the winery dogs goes for a ride. That looks like fun.
Trina’s mom takes a crack at using Trina’s camera.
I call this shot ‘Two Old Ladies Bonding’. Hope neither of them minds :) Henry seems to find it funny.
In between festivals, the kids relax.
With all the VAGA vending events over for a while, we returned all the boxes from the garage to the basement. The kitties are not amused by the disturbance.
We watched Nike and her sister Ella for a week. This is what happens when we forget that Nike is a ‘trash dog’.
Nike is one of them smart and busy greyhounds. She did find the gorilla relaxing.
The following weekend was the Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ festival. A group shot before too many tasting.
As Trina mentioned on her blog, it was a completely different crowd from our usual wine festivals. See what I mean?
I was there to try beers and bourbons I usually don’t drink.
Back at the house, we run out of beds, but Stanley finds a comfy spot on Jason’s lap.
Jaime and Stella make a feeble attempt at the yin/yang sign.
How do we relax after a beer, bourbon, bbq festival. Sitting on the deck with wine and Scotch.
Back home, we finally got the dogs to relax. From bottom left, it is Ella, Kris on the couch with Jaime, Stella, Zoey, then Beth, Stanley, Dora, then Harper, with Nike in the middle, and Parker at his mommy’s feet.  Sarah was upstairs helping me compose the shot.


  1. It is SO hard to get these greyhounds to relax, isn't it?!?!

  2. Lots of fun events! I'm glad you're still able to update your blog since I always love your pictures! I am currently out of commission as I cannot upload any pictures to either one of my blogs! I have a different account for each one and I'm still having the same problem. I'm not the only one with this problem from what I've read, but I haven't seen a fix for it either. Hope this doesn't sound like a stupid question, but how exactly do you upload your photos? Do you click on the insert image button and then browse to a photo to upload or is there another trick? Thanks!

  3. Angela. I upload the pics thru the upload pics icon straight from my hard drive. I do downsize my photos to a few hundred kb each. I think Google/Blogger might have a total size limit for each blog, so without resizing, it doesn't take too long to reach your limit. Or it might just be an issue with Blogger after their last crazy update.

  4. The elusive Isabella and Greyson! They look quite comfy. Y'all have certainly been busy having fun :) I'm jealous.


  5. You always have either a full house or a fuller house! I wondered if you'd get revenge on Trina's mom. Great shot of the two old ladies! ;)

    I'm still green with envy over your weather and fabulous dog friendly events!

  6. Yep, that's the same thing I do! Except I don't usually resize most of the pics first, but I'm also not at the size limit for either individual pics or the entire blog! I have 2 different accounts - and I've tried it from 2different computers. Frustrating! Oh well, sorry to take over your comments section here :)

  7. Nice pics! A great couple of weekends. :)

  8. such greyt pics! I love Fenway and his look of culpability. We are too far away from any GH events, except for our group's annual fundraising picnic in September so I love living vicariously through everyone else's events!

  9. I love all your photos but the last one in particular:) And I'm so envious of all your dog friendly events that are so much more than meet and greets!

    I'm passing on my Versatile Blogger award to you guys. No obligation to pick it up or pass on but I think you deserve it:)

  10. Trash dog struck my house as well. ;-)
    The picnic seemed great!!