Saturday, April 16

Spring Fever

The kids were just having so much fun with the weather warming up.
Puddin resting up. For What?
To harass her brother, Buford. Don’t make eye contact, Buford. Just ignore her. It’ll be okay.
Oh, that didn’t work out very well.
Buford gives me the stinkeye for not giving him more warning.
Having lost the battle, Buford makes a run for it.
Buford is half greyhound, half Vulcan.
Stanley somehow managed to slide off the bed. Puddin waited her turn, then slid in behind him.
A very warm welcome for Jorja.
Not doing a very good job of camouflaging herself in the bushes.
Jorja telling the duck what for.
Beth is not sure what Jorja is, but she is not impressed.
Puddin catching some rays.
Jorja is more about hair and flair than speed.
She tries to keep up with the big boys.
Stanley stands over the stuffie. The chase begins as soon as he picks it up.
From this angle, it appears that Puddin has pooped out a Parker.
Run Puddin Run!
Watch out for the Fun Police!
Woo woo woo! Busted.
The tables are turned. If you zoom in, you can see spit flying from Stella’s mouth. And behind Pudding is flying patches of grass. Poor yard.
Jorja sneaking up on the purple crab.


  1. Your brindles are so well camouflaged against anything but the green grass:)

    What breeds are in Jorja? She's ever so cute.

    Lovely photos and it looks like everyone had lots of fun:)

  2. We believe she is at least part Sheltie and Beagle. Cute little Bugger.

  3. Looks like a super fun day! Jorja sure is a cutie!

  4. I know what you mean about the state of the grass. After the winter it looks like we have had a herd of cows on our grass and it always amazes me how well the grass recoverrs and grows back in the summer, even with huge skid marks all over. Are you fostering Jorja?

  5. I'm cracking up over that first series! Buford, forgive me for that!

    Those are some great action shots! I'm impressed!

  6. Thank you guys so much for taking such great care of our kids - they look so happy and we love it!!! We both laughed out loud and the caption for the pic of Puddin and Parker! We'll be home in a couple of nights and can't wait to see them :)

  7. Okay, so I just went back and clicked on the pictures so I could see their faces better...the kids are having so much fun they may not even want to come home! They couldn't be in better hands and that means so much to us :)

  8. Jorja is so cute, she is growing up fast!! :)

  9. Lots of happy brindles at the Park home : )

    Jorja has sure grown up. What a cutie pie!

  10. Jorja is yummy. I bet she gets heaps of attention where she goes. Her owners could have fun with others by making up a name for this new breed. You know people would be looking all over the internet for breeders of Zhangas or Sir Walters or Von Heimers x Dalexes.

    When I see so many brindles, I just want to make peanut butter and chocolate brownies batter.