Wednesday, April 6

Charlottesville Mall Walk

The kids decide to sleep in on a weekend morning.
Stella won’t lay down on anything that isn’t soft and fluffy. Such a ninny.
Abby just has that mischievous look.
Her brother, Blue, has a shoe fetish.
This past Saturday was such a beautiful Spring day. We joined the first greyhound walk at the Downtown Charlottesville Mall. Hopefully we can join them for future walks.
Full Stop! Fire hydrant ahead.
Yes, Cleo. That is a Jaime on your back.
Is Jaime a little clingy? Stanley thinks so.
Cleo gets a hug from her daddy for being such a good girl.
We were entertained on our walk by a band playing Folk music.
Return of the onion rings. Stella: Don’t worry James, I’ll distract mommy.
My turn! I want the one with ketchup.
Hi, I’m Stan. Whatja got in there? Don’t worry, Stan. I got your back.


  1. What a fun day! We thought about going, but then got lazy. Maybe next time we will make the trip up. :)

  2. You are living my dream! If I could get anybody around here with a Greyhound to go out walking, I would be such a happy camper!

  3. Looks like everyone had fun. Who ended up winning an onion ring?

  4. you have a great collection of stare-at-beer photos. i think you need to frame them all.

  5. will definitely hit C'ville next time. Glad a lot of people came out!! I hope someone got an onion ring!!!