Tuesday, April 12

Sun Worshipping

Jaime lays in a pool of morning light while she ‘patiently’ waits for her breakfast.
It was a beautiful sunny day outside. Parker thought he would incubate a patch of grass seedlings in the hope they would grow faster.
Stella enjoys smelling the fresh Spring blooms.
Abby sees something.
She is going to give the stuffy a quick tour of the yard.
Jaime watches the little squirt running around from the safety of the sidelines.
Yes, Stella. You ARE a very pretty girl.
We went over to Debbie’s to see how Hope was doing since her tumor removal surgery. Hope was more interested in kissing her mommy with tongue, than staying still to take pics.
Debbie’s new boy Kramer. He’s a bit skinny, but I’m sure he’ll gain weight in no time. Leah was too busy sniffing Hope to pose for the shot.
Hope decided to stop for a sec to let me get a shot.
Back at home, Abby was still looking for something to do. I don’t think anyone is looking.
Ooh, ice in the water bowl.
Oh Abby!


  1. Sweet pictures of all the dogs!! You sure got some amazing shots of my furry kids. We'll have to take some "after" shots of Kramer once I fatten him up.
    Love the ice cube shots too. Abby in action. Love that funny girl : )

  2. jaime is patient, but is also looking a bit over how looooooong it takes you to make breakfast. does she do the greyhound sigh? the "oh my god, i suffer so much so why not endure another 2 minutes waiting for the breakfast that might never come" sigh?

    parker still looks big, but i know better. parker's clever not getting next to anyone who might show him up.

  3. I love that shot of Stella taking in the spring air. She reminds me of our recently-departed Sabrina - lanky brindle girl with a white/grey face.

  4. Hee hee! I love Abby's mischievious side! That first picture of Stella in the sunshine is so sweet, too! I mean. I like all the pictures, but that one just gave me a huge smile.

  5. Abby is quite full of herself. :) I love the all the pics, particuarly the one of Hope, such a sweet girl! :)

  6. Does Jamie lay outside in the boiling sun longer than any of your pack? Seka can outlast me on the hottest day in July and act like it is no big deal. Those black dogs are the best.

  7. Oh, we are so looking forward to some warm sunny days! Great pictures of them all.

  8. I'm convinced that laying in the sun until you pant is connected to the Black Dog gene. Both Parker and Jaime lay in the hot sun till we can't watch it anymore. Like a game of 'Chicken' to see who can 'fry' in the Sun first.

  9. Lovely photos but I'm fascinated with the ice in the water bowl! Is that normal for in the USA? And it's only Spring. I'm wondering what happens in the middle of Summer:) Or does Abby have an ice fetish?

    Beryl likes to sunbathe too, but go for a walk when it's warmish, then she's the slowest Greyhound you've ever seen.

  10. We do like to put ice cubes in their water in the summer, but we were just cleaning out the ice maker this time. I do believe Abby has an ice fetish. She's quirky, but so cute.