Monday, March 28

Doggy Portraits

We recently went to a Roller Derby with Trina and Jason. Mitch and Michelle manned the VAGA booth there. I’m too old to take that kinda beating.
My friend in North Carolina recently got a new puppy. Elliot the kitty cat, and Lily who is 15 years old, were not happy about this new addition. Watch out Lily! Since she’s deaf, she never saw it coming.
He was much happier to expend his puppy energy practicing duck retrieval when his daddy got home.
Like Trina, I also upgraded to a Canon 7D. Got a few nice lenses to go with it. I need lots of practice for Aubry’s wedding in Scotland in the Fall. Not sure I will be getting these fast actions shots at the wedding.
Probably more like this where people stand around and look pretty.
Our two old ladies out in the yard.
Beth and Jaime waiting in line to have their picture taken.
I’m not bow-legged. Don’t know what you’re talkin’ about.
Parker is the perfect size for a Sunday afternoon nap.
Now for the head shots. Beth in bed.
Parker on a blankie.
Stanley resting on dog toy.
Stop the madness. Enough with the picture taking already!


  1. That camera is fantastic! We just got a DSLR for Christmas and while I'm still learning with it, I really love it -- especially for action shots. You never know! You might catch some of the old ladies slipping all kinds of stuff into their purses at the wedding with that fast action camera! :P

  2. LOL! The picture of the puppy running up behind Lilly is so funny. I got a DSLR in October, it is so nice. Have fun.

  3. Nice shots! I love the head shots!!!

  4. you and trina and your camera lust. did you read the book to figure out all those whistles and bells or did you just fiddle until it worked?

    i am sure you'll get some action shots at the wedding. just let the champers hit the blood stream of the guests, first.

  5. Nice pictures! Thanks again for taking the pictures this fall :) I'm hoping there will be some action shots! We're not planning on that boring of a wedding.

    I know if we get the kitten I've been craving, the others will act like Susan's doggies!


  6. I got my Canon DSLR a couple of years ago and I already want an upgrade too! I'll probably wait a little while longer though, but that 7D is so nice! The picture of Parker made me smile :) He is such a cute little guy!

  7. Great shots! Love my new camera too!!

  8. Are you guys selling your old camera? Highest bidder plus lessons? Anyone? Anyone?

  9. Congrats on the new camera! I am still loving my Canon DSLR but maybe one day will upgrade. ;-) Love that picture of Jamie.