Sunday, November 25

Sister, Sun, Squirrel, Steak, Stella

Sister. Winston enjoys having a sister to run around the yard with. Ready! Set! Go!
Sun. A sun and moon mirror on the deck at Winston's house. The people butts (l to r) are Kris and Debbie. The doggie butts are Jaime and Leah.
Squirrel. Not only a word I missed in my 3rd grade spelling bee on stage in front of the entire school. Also the bane of Stanley’s existence. Stanley is very serious about protecting the bird feeders from the squirrels. This one is using his mini-abacus to figure out how long it will take him to get to the fence if I release the hounds.
Steak. A 3 inch thick ribeye on the Big Green Egg getting a nice sear on both sides before cooking through to a nice medium-rare. Yummy!
Stella. So cute how Stella and Jaime snuggle together. Actually, Jaime is laying on top of Stella favorite blankie. Stella was not about to let that get in the way. Oh, Stella!


  1. love the photo with winston & sis, but did they not plow into you? look at them. they're thinking it.

  2. I am not sure what is scarier..the fact you remember your 3rd grade spelling bee or that the squirrel actually looked like he was using an abacus.
    Nice butt shot Kristen!!!

  3. My mouth is watering after looking at that steak...Yumo!! 3rd grade memories? Oh...dear! =)

  4. My mum LOVES squirels! I am sending her this photos ASAP!