Thursday, December 6

King of the Beds & First Snow

We stacked the beds that we usually keep in front of the tv, because we had to pull it out for repairs. It didn’t seem to bother the kids. They quite enjoyed it. Alex was the first to be king of the beds.
Stanley takes a stab at the new setup.
How about another try.
Wink, wink, daddy. I’ll get the hang of it.
Alex is demoted to the single bed.
Stanley is dethroned. The girls thought this was a silly game, and enjoyed the extra room on the couch.
We took all the kids for the annual Fredericksburg Christmas Parade. It was a tad chilly, so the kids put on coats before we headed out. Parker was in his coat, but decided not to be in the picture. I didn’t get any pics of the actual parade. Had my hands full with three puppies. But everyone had a swell time.
After the parade, the kids were pooped. Stanley and Stella decided to snuggle with their mum.
We had our first snowfall of year this week. The kids huddled together in the yard for warmth.
Alex will be going back to Florida to his forever home in a week. This may be his last encounter with snow.
This is Stanley’s first encounter with snow. Neither the cold nor snow seemed to bother him. As for the girls, they felt the cold dry air gave them a bad hair day, so they decided not to pose for pictures outside.

Well, I'm off to Brazil for two weeks for work. I hope the kids don't forget about their daddy!


  1. Great shots but the one of Alex is stunning! Reminds me of Lucas...

  2. No way the kids would ever forget their daddy!!! You are the best. The pictures are so funny and that one of Alex is going to make it in the calendar next could it not!

  3. how much fun! brazil!! when it is so cold here!! =) have a fabulous time and soak up all the sun and warmth that you can for us all!! safe travels to you and alex both!

  4. look at stanley totally making on your wummun! dooood, you're being scootched out. defend! defend!

    be careful in brazil. they do cruel things to your bits.

  5. Have fun in Brazil!!! We will see you when you get back!

  6. You'll probably need help in Brazil. I can sacrifice for 2 weeks and go with ya..........papapapleeeeeease.

  7. No matter what country you are in a greyhound cuddle always looks fab! And sooooo snuggly.