Monday, November 19

Hey! You! Get Off of My Couch!

It’s all about the couch. Two’s not a crowd. Maybe on a cloud, but not on the couch. The more the merrier. We’ll start off with Stanley and Stella on the couch. Stanley believes in conservation of space, so more hounds can fit on the couch. Stella believes in being covered and sprawling out for maximum use of space. Not sure about the head-butt thing.
The head-butt thing seems to be catching on. Alex is using his head to keep Topsail from sliding off the dog bed.

Stella on the couch doing her impersonation of a greyhound-sharpei mix.

Stella got on the couch first. Then Stanley and Jaime decided to join her. Doesn’t Stella look happy about it? Look how cute they are!

Must be the colder weather. The kids just feel the need to snuggle with each other. Actually, Stella and Stanley were there first. Jaime assessed the situation and was sure she could fit in there, so she shoehorned herself in.
There was plenty of space on the rest of the couch. Parker is looking at them trying to figure out what is going on.

This is how I usually watch tv. They don’t call them Couch Potatoes for nuthin’.


  1. That is so funny, seeing them all in various positions on the couch. Sallie and Roadie won't go on the couch, even if we invite them to. However, Roadie has taken to sneaking onto our bed lately in what seems to be a rebellious act related to my having to go into the office to work this week. Your comment about Stella looking like a Sharpei cracked me up!

  2. why do i want to put a thought bubble over every one of them with 'doooood' in it?

    stella is so patient. she wouldn't say dooood. she'd say, 'i vant to be... alohn.'

  3. Love the Shar-Pei photo! Aren't they lucky Greyhounds!

  4. Yeah, couch snugglers! The photos are too cute! Stella is just like Cueball. If there is a spot he thinks he can maneuver into on the couch, he is going to make it work. He is a very confident male. =) Love the new dog beds too, we just got the same ones at Costco this weekend. We finally caved and got a membership just to buy dog beds. How silly are we? LOL!

  5. Looks like your couch could hold at least 4 more Greys!!!!!!! ;) Mitch

  6. I love the stella! At least your dogs give you a little space!

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