Monday, November 12

The Scooby Experience

I wrote a couple of entries back that Diane and Debbie of VAGA were going to Spain to help out with Galgo rescue. Well, it’s been over a week since they have been back in the States. Check out their adventure on their blog at Scooby Experience. We will be getting a couple of more Galgos in a week, so check back to keep up on their progress. This is a picture of Manola from their blog to pique your curiosity. She so pretty.


  1. what a face.

    got the pendant today.

    also got a little book with numbers and a very pretty face in late october. hm....

  2. ohh so cute.

    and what a funky collar!

    katy is holding my hound with a heart necklace hostage whilst she is on holidays...she is way mean : )

  3. she is a beauty! we are back in in this morning at about 1am and picked up the pups around noon- we are so happy to have them back!! happy birthday!! =) hope to see you guys soon!!