Saturday, November 10

Amanda & Kenney tie the knot

Since I’m a bit slower in updating, you’ve probably already read in Trina’s or Amanda’s blog entries that Amanda and Kenney tied the knot last weekend. Here they have their, “We just got married” faces. Here’s to always staying that happy!!!
"What do you mean you ran out of film? Isn't that thing digital?" While off to the side, Kenney is beginning to feel the 'burn' as he realizes he can't pull the ring back off.

Trina and Kris boozing it up before the reception.
At weddings there are pics of family, relatives, friends... Trina, Amanda and Kris at the reception when they called for greyhound mommies.
Stella being a backseat driver. Making sure that daddy really is taking her back home to her comfy couch.
While we were at the wedding, there were thirteen dogs at Trina's. Her dogsitter came by and stayed with them all day. Bet they had fun. The kids were too tired from playing at Trina's to pay any attention to the football game.
Stella and Stanley decide that sleeping on the couch with Jaime is preferable to dog beds on the floor.
Stanley's poor impersonation of a pillow. I can still see you.


  1. Finally a blog update! We have been pouring over old blog pictures looking at photos of all the puppies and people we miss. Everyone has been nice in Paris (except for the scammers at the Sacre Couer which we will have to tell you more about later), but we really miss you guys...and the pups...and our house...and american television (that's not from the 1980s and dubbed in french). We are off to London where we won't have access to a laptop...MAC or otherwise...until later then!! The Millers =)

  2. oh man, you always have good parties for the dogs.

  3. Dog parties are awesome. There are no pictures of the 13 dogs at my house b/c Gyeong fell asleep upon returning from the Kristen and I sat up gabbing until the wee hours of the morning..typical! ;-)

  4. Greyhound Mommies are always way cool!