Tuesday, October 30

Kids in the House

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted any pics of the kids. Along with the regular crew, we still have Alex, and watched Sabrina over the weekend.
Alex has really come far. He’s still skittish, but now he’s much better with being petted on a dog bed or coming to greet you.
Sabrina stayed with us over the weekend. She’s such a sweetie. Since she’s an only dog, this is like doggie camp. I just got a new bed from Costco, and she had to be the first to check it out.

Stella in her usual spot on the couch. She can keep an eye on everything from there.
Parker and Jaime decided to spend a little snuggling time together on the couch.

Stanley is a boy who truly enjoys sleeping. He’s not afraid to let it all hang out. Ear up, eyes back, tongue out.

On another note, Debbie and Diane of VAGA are in Spain at the Scooby Rescue facility to help out with Galgo Rescue. I was going to link to a blog of their trip, but I think they only have intermittent internet access while there. They should be coming back with two Galgos going to forever homes back in the States. Maybe even a puppy?


  1. Yeah for Alex getting more confident! Stanley seems to have trouble keeping his tongue to himself. ;-)

  2. I am so glad Alex is gaining more confidence. Hope we can find him a forever home soon!! Great shot of Stanley! Major ETS, LOL! Love Stella's pose on the couch too. Too cute. =)

  3. oooh, i bought two galgos pendants. one is brooke's.

    strong is the force with stella. go far she will. mmm?

    i've been like stanley for a while. just getting back. aaah. i napped like that today.

  4. Oh I am so in love with Stella - she is a female Poncho. When I see a photo of those hreat big ears I just want to kiss her!

  5. So cute....I love all of those pics. That is one of the most blatent displays of ETS I've seen in a while!

  6. That's just an amazing shot of Stanley, and Stella is just the coolest!