Monday, August 6

Stanley Learning the Ropes

Stanley is quickly learning the ropes and getting used to the schedule around here. He is learning by example. Stella is a pro when it comes to ETS while sleeping. She threw in the drool for good measure.
Stanley does his version of reverse ETS. He's working on the drool thing.
Jaime says what? Can’t hear you! Hey Stanley, can you do this?

Parker says he just wants to curl up and doesn’t want to play in these silly greyhound games.
We had a couple of guests for Saturday afternoon. Clayton and Jasmine. We will also be watching them next weekend too. Roached on the couch are Stella and Jaime. Under the coffee table is Parker, then Jasmine, then Clayton, with Stanley in the front. Lazy dogs!
Stella is teaching Stanley how to lay on the bed. Looks like they are having a race to see who can reach the end of the bed first.
Stanley decides he can use a second and third opinion.


  1. in the first pic of stanley and stella on the bed, it looks like stella is a giant greyhound. =) i can't believe we have two greyhounds that don't roach at all, but we've got your back on the ETS. =)

  2. the symmetry of the last photo is funny.
    there shall be 4 dogs and only 4 dogs on any bed. black dogs will be at the top, while mixed-coloured (brindle, spotted, etc.) dogs will take the lower foot end. no dog shall have his or her paw in the quadrant of another dog at any time. should a paw cross the line of canine restriction, a penalty of 4 biscuits shall be paid to the offended dog.

    if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me on my poobile phone.

  3. Cool - it looks juts like out bed! Good to see that the hreyhound bed hog is universal!

  4. I love the photos and Dexter does the roaching and ETS at the same time. Right now Dexter is milking his dentist visit for all it's worth.

  5. Stanley is awesome! And I agree with the symmetrical dog bed from ihatetoast. I don't have any ETS to speak of but I got two constant roachers!