Sunday, August 12

Babysitting Galore

We took our kids plus the four (Luke, Sandy, Clayton, Jasmine) we were babysitting down to the Richmond Meet ‘n Greet. You can see pics of the event and afterparty at Trina’s and Amanda’s blogs. We had to take two cars. No way we were going to be able to take all eight dogs in one car. We just couldn’t decide who to leave behind.

Back at home, Luke and Sandy left us Saturday night. By Sunday morning, we had new arrivals. Merit and Vesta will be with us overnight. Hawk and Daisy will be with us for a week. Jaime didn’t know what to think of all the comings and goings and found comfort snuggling with Stella’s rump.

Topshot of our kid and current boarders. Starting on the couch going clockwise, it is Daisy, Jaime, Parker, Stella, Hercules walking away, Merit, Jasmine, Stanley, Vesta, and Clayton in the middle. It didn’t stay quiet like that for long.
Clayton and Stella holding hands and sharing a bed together.
Merit was one of our favorite fosters. She’s such a sweetie. She’s just catching some sun.
Stanley in the same spot. He’s resting and recuperating from a boo-boo. He has his foot wrapped because he managed to knock off a nail. It was a funny looking nail that pointed up. Probably an old track injury. Luckily he doesn’t seem to be in any pain and leaves it alone.

Jasmine and Jaime in stealth mode ready to pounce on a squirrel gorging on our bird feeder.
Jasmine is giving me the stinkeye because I am scaring all the squirrels away.
Hawk has a funny way of sitting. Doesn’t particularly look that comfortable.


  1. The Stinkeye..haha! And as beefy as Jasmine is..I would be scared she would muscle you in to submission. ;-) You need to post a perspective pic of get the full idea of his size.

  2. when did stanley's injury happen? poor boy...although i do think the pups look cute with their injuries all wrapped up. i think maybe i should wrap up annie's knee again and take her to stony point...she liked all the extra attention the purple bandage provided her. =) what fun to have such a full house of greys!!

  3. My greyhound wishes she could go to Camp Genji! It looks fantastic!

    I found your blog through Katy the Greaty. My blog is mostly knitting at the moment, though with some greyhound pictures. I may make a dog-only blog in the future, because hounds are just so much fun! :) Your blog is great!

  4. clayton is stella's toyboy. did you get them all rooing?

  5. That's a great pic of Clayton and Stella! ... and the last one taken of Clayton.... =[

  6. Hawk is a hottie! Poncho is jealous that Stella has a new man.