Sunday, August 19

Coming and Going

Our house has been a virtual turnstile this week. Hawk & Daisy’s daddy called to say he was coming by a day early to pick them up on Sunday. Then Sabrina’s mommy called to say they were coming back a day early. They should all be tired. We went to two Meet ‘n Greets this weekend. Standing around for a couple of hours getting petted and told how cute you are is hard work. Parker and Daisy stayed at home. Guess who wanted to help me clean the grill?

So we are down to one boarder for a few days. Midge and Maggie will be here by week’s end. Till then, we have only Clay as a boarder. He will be wearing a 'Stella' collar while he is here. Clay is an 11 year old cutie. Just something about those seniors. Look at this sweet face. He always has his ears up. Even when he’s sleeping. We call him ‘old man’.
Stanley is getting quite good at roaching. But gravity seems to affect him more than the others. He has a vampire look about him.
Stanley wants to know if I’m ready to get a shot him stalking and pouncing on a squirrel.

Psyche. I think I’ll just stretch and yawn.


  1. stanley is so photogenic! he needs a cape for halloween so he can go as a vampire. annie says she wants to be a genie, but mommy isn't sure that's appropriate for a girl her age. ;-)

  2. a turnstile..I like it! And must have one on my front door as well. Tis the season for vacations! ;-)

  3. Clay is a hottie! Stella must be in lurve!